Writing project: Milk, Larry Kramer, and MLK

Below, you will find some follow-up resources for Milk, The Normal Heart, and Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot.

There are three writing prompts. You will need to answer all three.

Please review the questions and then access (listen, read, watch) the media and make notes before you begin writing. Your answers should be very thorough and complete (a minimum of one paragraph each) and based on your knowledge of the movies Milk, The Normal Heart, and Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot (and the additional resources). Please use specific references from the movies AND the resource materials (links below) in your writing whenever possible.

Work in Google Docs and post your complete answers as a comment to this post by the end of class on Thursday, December 15.

This radio story, “‘Gotta Give ‘Em Hope’: The Legacy Of Harvey Milk” aired in 2009, a few weeks before the movie was released. In it, you will hear people who knew Milk talking about the impact of his life. (Listen, use earbuds or headphones.)

This video interview with playwright/scriptwriter Larry Kramer was made by The New York Times in 2014 when his screenplay of The Normal Heart premiered on HBO. (Watch, use earbuds or headphones)

This 2012 essay by John Blake, religion reporter for CNN explores what Martin Luther King, Jr. may have thought about homosexuality and the gay rights movement, had he lived to see it. (Read.)


1. Harvey Milk and playwright Larry Kramer were on very different paths of advocacy for the gay community. What were each of their causes and what methods did they use to advance their causes?


2. What personality qualities did Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, and the character Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) share? Do you think these three men would have formed an alliance if they had lived at the same time? Why or why not?


3. On his fourth election night, Harvey Milk reminded his supporters, “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why?


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  1. Before I begin, I just wanted to state that I have listened and watched radios and movies about three powerful individuals who portrayed what it is like to be a leader in life and to inspire those who find what they want to fight for seems hopeless. One is Harvey Milk, from the movie “Milk” and heard the radio podcast. The second is Larry Kramer, from the movie “The Normal Heart”. The third is Martin Luther King Jr. from the movie “Selma”. Which I may add that they are all great movies that everyone should watch, guarantee.

    There were two gay individuals who had different paths of advocacy for the gay community. Those two are Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer. The difference between both of their plans is that Harvey Milk’s plan was that he wanted to unite people and to stand as one against the government. To give everyone hope and to show everyone to show themselves who they are without fear. That this can be done without violence and to keep trying until they have won. As for Larry Kramer, or known as Ned Weeks in the film, his plan was to find solutions on stopping Aids with his fellow peers and speaking to the higher ups in the government to help them stop the issue. But the problem was that there wasn’t a lot of collected data about how it started at the time. Who else it can get transmitted into, specific people that Larry was around he didn’t get much support, and how his peers weren’t as determined and strong willed as he was, it was difficult to get far as Ned (Larry) wanted to get. 4/5

    The type of personality that the three individuals, Martin Luther King Jr.,Larry Kramer and Harvey Milk, each shared is that each of them never gave up in what they always believed in what was right.They always tried finding ways and solutions to show others the truth and trying hard enough to ensure not just themselves, but everyone’s victory to be free with equality. If they have all met up at the same time, everything would have changed history completely. From my understanding and what I’ve learned from all three of them, they would have made a great and powerful alliance. I think that this would be the case because of how all three of them believed in being equal and staying strong until the very end. To believe in what you want for the greater good. Also, each of them saw everyone who is with them as equals. They understand that others are willing to seek for being equal with everyone else in the world in the cost of everything that got to build equality. 5/5

    One last statement to make. On Harvey Milk’s fourth election, there is one thing that he reminded his supporters. He stated that “This is not my victory – it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” This is a really great quote and is it something that I would agree with? Yes, it is something that I would agree with because one, it proves how strong of a leader Harvey is. He is willing to share a victory with everyone who is by his side. The message that Harvey Milk left out, not just for his supporters, but for everyone else who understands what he is trying to say. For example, in the film “Milk”, when Harvey Milk was killed in the office, a scene that comes up is him recording himself leaving a message so others know what he did. Later, thousands of people were holding candles on the streets and honoring his death and heard what it is that he wanted. Everyone there has let themselves out that day. 4/5

    13/15 🙂 Nice job!

    Jhunnie Manzano 12/14/16


  2. 1.Harvey Milk opened a shop in the Castro of SF, and got harassed for being gay. It was not fair. His advocacy for the gay community was to finally have a space where gays could be accepted and feel safe. The method he used was to get into politics. He gained supporters by standing in the streets asking for recruiters. Larry Kramer’s advocacy for the gay community was to get help on the AIDS epidemic. Gays were dying off and everyone just turned their heads. Larry’s method was to transfer his anger from his childhood and his shame of his father’s cowardness into strength. He was aggressive and came off strong. Most of the time it scared and angered people. But sometimes it actually worked. (astute 4.5/5)

    2. A personality quality that Martin Luther King Jr., Harvey Milk, and Ned Weeks shared was strength. They never once gave up. Even after they got what they wanted. People despised them for their hopes and dreams, doubting that it will never come true, but they went on. I do not think that these three men would have formed an alliance if they had lived at the same time. I think this because their strategies are very different. Martin Luther King Jr. was more of a peaceful protester. Harvey Milk was very much into politics. And Ned Weeks was aggressive. With all these different tactics coming together, it would just become chaotic. (4.5/5)

    3. Yes, I do agree with this statement. If you are motivated enough and fight hard for what you want, then you will achieve it. If a gay man in the 1960’s can make something happen, then every minority group on Earth can make something happen for them too. Everyone has a place for them somewhere. Of course I disagree with the fact that you have to fight just to be accepted by society, but sometimes that is just how life is. (4/5)

    13/15 Nice job. 🙂


  3. 1.) Milk and Kramer are both gay and an activist for gay rights. Milk is a politician who became the first openly gay person to be elected and managed to help successfully beat back Proposition 6. A proposition that guarantees equal rights for gays and lesbians in San Francisco. Milk being elected as the first openly gay person is a huge impact to the gay community because it gives empowerment to get their equal rights and not set back from where they been placed in that holding them back. While Larry Kramer used his talent in playwright that advocate many people through his work of movies and other things. Through his movies, it gives awareness to the serious issues that the government and society trying to avoid. Both advocates raise awareness to the gay issues in different ways that reflected and send a message to the people. 4/5
    2.) Martin Luther King is a brave determined person. Harvey Milk is a practical and inspired person. Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) is a loud fearless guy. Three of them are advocates that led many people into fighting for their rights as a citizen of this country. The three characters shared personalities such; strong-willed, courageous, enthusiastic qualities that change the history through time. They are leaders that determined to make a difference and risk their lives for what they believed in. They are intelligent that always spoke to their mind and have strong beliefs. I’m certain that they will formed an alliance if they had lived at the same time because they will be great leaders, sharing their values and beliefs to fight against all the odds. They will be a great leader that will help our society in furthering the equality and equity of all. (3.5/5)
    3.) I definitely agree with Harvey Milk statement because it gives a courage for all that anything is possible if you’re willing to do it. His accomplishments give people especially minorities to get back up and don’t try to hide inside their closet. It’s a hope for minorities that something is worth fighting for and don’t hesitate to fight for what you believed in that contributes millions of people that have the same struggles as you. People in our society need to embrace the empowerment that leaders set for them in order to continue the progress in raising the issues that government and some people trying to avoid. (4/5)

    11.5/15 I think your ideas are strong, but there was a lot of imprecision in your writing that had me confused. :/


  4. 1.) Harvey Milk was mainly focused on representation of gay people in politics and just in general. He wanted to underscore how many people actually were gay by telling people to come out and be unapologetically gay. Larry Kramer was very focused on the AIDS movement. Kramer wanted people to listen to him and realize there really was a disease killing a majority of gay men. The government wasn’t listening to the people in the streets and definitely not to Kramer. Milk was doing his absolute best for the changes he sought to be written down and become a law in San Francisco and then maybe it could influence the rest of the world. Kramer wanted the word to get out so he tried to get a meeting with the mayor and his assistant in order to bring light to the AIDS epidemic. (4.5/5)
    2.) All three of these men were purely fighting for what they thought was right. Milk thought it was wrong to be a closeted gay and that they weren’t allowed to be a public figure so he sought to change those ideas by becoming City Supervisor and openly gay. Larry Kramer saw that gay men were dying of a disease when the government and CDC clearly ignored it. So in response Kramer started telling people what was going on and who’s fault it was and what they should do to fix it. Martin Luther King didn’t want to see his people segregated and beaten with no penalty. They all fought for themselves as well as those like them going through whatever struggle or burden they shared. If they all were alive however I don’t think they would be the best of friends. Kramer and Milk would probably be advocates with each other but I think King would mainly just commend them for their work and possibly work with them to include the gay black community. I want to know why you think this… what did you read or see that brought you to this conclusion? (4.5/5)
    3.) I very much agree with Mr. Milk. He puts it out there for everyone to see that as long as you try your hardest you will in fact get somewhere. Whenever you see someone do something you are more inclined to do it. For example if you see someone in the room throw something away and not get reprimanded for it, you are now going to know it’s okay to throw away whatever trash you may have. The same goes socially. If you see someone disadvantaged like you go on to do something great you’re more likely to think you can do it too. That is why it’s important to not wait for someone to do it first. Be the one to inspire the many. (4.5/5)

    13.5/15 🙂


  5. Harvey Milk and playwright Larry Kramer were on very different path of advocacy for the gay communities. Harvey Milk was fighting for gay rights in the city of San Francisco. In the 1970s gay people were legally and socially discriminated in the United States. Harvey Milk believed that the only way you can be equal is by running for office.“It was in that climate that Milk managed to help successfully beat back Proposition 6 —an initiative that would have barred gay people from working as school teachers — and passed a city ordinance guaranteeing equal rights for gays and lesbians in San Francisco.” Many citizens started supported him and his cause and eventually Harvey Milk became the first openly gay person to be elected in California. As he was running for office Milk led a protest all around San Francisco to have gay rights. Harvey Milk led a gay right movement. Larry Kramer was fighting for a cure for the gay community. In the movie The normal heart, He believed that the government is going against gay people and that they are killing them on purpose. The AIDS epidemic has killed millions of people in America and no one is listening and helping the gay community. Larry Kramer spoke out on television and publicize the problem hoping someone would help them. For his action he was fired from Gay Men Health Crisis. (4.5/5)

    MLK, Harvey Milk, and Larry Kramer all share the desire to achieve equal rights for their communities. It is unclear whether or not Martin Luther King supported gay people. “One person close to King, though, would disagree.” The person close to King believed that MLK’s dream did not include gay people. I think Larry Kramer and Harvey Milk would’ve formed an alliance and fought together for gay rights but MLK would not have joined them because in the video that Larry Kramer was interviewed he noted that it was wrong to be treated with such inequality. Harvey and Kramer are both fighting for the same thing and would’ve supported each other. (4/5)

    On his fourth election night Harvey Milk reminded his supporters, “This is not my victory- it’s your’s “. If gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight. I concur with this statement because if someone speaks out to their community like Harvey Milk, they would support him and the cause will spread throughout the community and supporters would increase and everyone would be aware of the person’s cause. Harvey Milk gathered all of his gay friends to spread that he was running for office and gained other supporters. (4/5)

    12/15 🙂


  6. Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer who are both gay men that were activists who spoke up and fought for their rights in the gay community . They both wanted something , they wanted gays to be equal and don’t want the world to hate them because of who they are sexually attractive too. They had their own ways to make how gays should be equal and with the same equality as everyone else. There was an open spot as a supervisor so , Milk who ran and wanted a spot in the political rights. Milk was the first gay runner who wanted to be apart of laws . He ran so he could make a law for everyone to be equal no matter who you are attractive to and how you look. Milk who then successfully won and passed Gay Rights in San Francisco. Therefore, Milk who used his voiced as an activist and believe in something that he wanted to be equal and fought his way through to make a law and wanted it to happen . Larry Kramer who used his talent to tell his story . Kramer who scripted out his story, his life and his struggles all in a movie . In his movie it shows the lack of care from the government and the community and how people treats gay men who are sick and was denied their rights for healthcare treatment. This movie that shows the struggles and sacrifice going on. Both advocacy helped raise awareness of the issue in the gay community. (3.5)

    The personalities quality they all had was the same. They were all activist who was fearless, brave and determined to make things rights. They wanted to make a change of how they were being treated/ looked at . Yes, I do think these men’s would have formed an alliance. They would have formed an alliance because they wanted the same things, they wanted rights and wanted to be equal as everyone else. They are all leaders in their own community who weren’t scared and wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. They were the voices of the people who couldn’t speak up and they were determined to make things change. They fought so hard to be as equal as everyone and wanted a change. They were great leaders with strong beliefs and without them and their laws the world would be chaotic. (4/5)

    I do agree with Harvey Milk statement because his victory wasn’t all for him, his victory was shared with everyone who was afraid to speak up, and not only that his victory was shared with everyone who supported him and his gay community and in the future generation people will have kids and their kids who will like the same sex as them and they shouldn’t be afraid to show it because it will be okay. His accomplishment helped people come out the closet and become brave to show who they are. This is hope for our future generation so they wouldn’t feel alone and know it’s fine to be with who you want to be. So, people in the world needs to embrace who they are and show they aren’t afraid to show who they are attractive too nor how they want to describe their gender. (4/5)

    12/15 🙂


  7. Harvey Milk’s stance on the gay movement was to give the gay community hope while Larry Kramer stance was to advocate the gay community health as the AIDS crisis was killing many men of the gay community. At the time Harvey Milk was alive, the AIDS epidemic was not at its peak. Harvey focused on uplifting the gay community by encouraging closeted gays to come out to their families and give them hope for a better future for the gay community. Larry Kramer was concerned about the AIDS epidemic that was killing many people of the gay community as well as his close friends. He witnessed the spread of the disease and this frustrated him because the one thing that they did that was their way of liberating themselves was killing them. Harvey’s method was protest in the streets of San Francisco that allowed them to vent without getting violent and to get into a position of power to make the changes he wanted to see be made. Larry Kramer’s method was too spread the word, to tell as many people as possible that there is a virus that is killing gay people. He also provided a hotline for those who needed any information much like Harvey Milk did. Larry Kramer other method was to provide as much information to the public about the virus and helping start a organization that assisted people living with AIDS. (4.5/5) All three of them had natural leadership skills that encouraged people to look ahead with hope. They all were powerful leaders that fought for the changes they wanted to see through peaceful protest and negotiation. None of them acted violently regardless of how frustrated they were with the indifference of society. I think that Martin Luther king would have formed an alliance with Milk and Kramer because Martin Luther king was neutral and accepted all people as they were, as unique individuals. If they teamed up they would have helped bring hope to the black males and females who were gay. It would have been an empowering thing to see. A black just man forming an alliance with 2 gay men. It would most likely have helped the black community and bring awareness to the gay black community as well. (5/5) I agree with this statement because gay men were treated inhumanly and were even considered mentally ill. They weren’t allowed to do many things and it could be said they were the one minority that were continued to be denied awareness of their presence or their rights even up to this day, but also not everyone had the chance to do what Harvey did. Other minorities had barriers that also made it very difficult for them to do anything about what they believed was unjust. It is possible though and he said those words to encourage people more than anything. It will be difficult of course but it’s not impossible and that’s the message he wanted to get across to the people who feel powerless and underrepresented in the United States. (5/5)

    14.5/15 😀


  8. Writing Project, Larry Kramer, and Martin Luther King
    1. Harvey Milk and playwright Larry Kramer were on very different paths of advocacy for the gay community. What were each of their causes and what methods did they use to advance their causes?
    Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer both fought for the rights of gay man, but they were slightly fighting for different things. Milk was fighting specifically for the freedom of rights for gay man. Larry Kramer was fighting for high quality and attention for the gay men that were dying from HIV. Milk believed in peacefully protesting and he was against violence. Larry Kramer used sort of a different method (I wish you’d been more specific here. Was he practicing non-violence, or not?.) because he was eager to find a cure for why a generation of men were dying. He was angry and he sometimes became very verbally belligerent. (4/5)

    2. What personality qualities did Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, and the character Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) share? Do you think these three men would have formed an alliance if they had lived at the same time? Why or why not?
    Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, and the character Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) all shared similar qualities. MLK was an articulate spoken, intelligent, determined, and consistent working man who fought for what some people considered an abstract dream. He dreamed of a America that consisted of whites and blacks being truly equal and he fought hard for it. Milk was elected supervisor of the city of San Francisco, he was an articulate speaker, and he fought extremely hard for the rights of gay man persistently. Ned Weeks was also an eloquent speaker who fought vigorously for gay rights and he’s still an activist today who’s not “playing any games.” They all fought consistently with dedication and hope. They most definitely would’ve formed an alliance together. (4.5/5)

    3. On his fourth election night, Harvey Milk reminded his supporters, “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” Do you agree or disagree with this statement, and why
    Harvey Milk reminded his supporters, “This is not my victory, it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” In agreement with Milk, the victory of gay man winning their freedom of rights to be themselves and excel in their careers and lives publicly, it would most definitely encourage other minorities to fight for their beliefs and rights. During this time period, there was an grave abundance of inequalities within all of the minorities. Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, gays, and lesbians were always targeted upon. Discrimination and prejudice oppressed many people for something uncontrollable. Whether it was the color of their skin, and or the gender choice of which an individual’s heart desired, people were verbally and sometimes physically dehumanized. Milk knew that if gay man could gain their freedom of rights that it would encourage other people to fight for what they believed in. Milk encouraged other people to fight for their own sake along with many others who joined his incredible pathway. Once people notice that there is hope, they become encouraged to fight. 4.5/5

    13/15 🙂


  9. 1. Harvey Milk wanted to give the gay people around him hope to never give up and just come out the closet. He didn’t want people to hide who they really are and who they really love. At the end of the day he wanted all the gay people to come together and fight for what they truly believe in. He didn’t want the teachers, doctors, lawyers, or sons to continue hiding. Larry Kramer created a movie to let people experience the epidemic gays were experiencing. Nobody fought for gays they kind of just let them die off or tried too. He wanted people to know that the aids epidemic wasn’t ok and nobody was trying to fight for the gay men that were dying and becoming sick. (4/5)
    2. Dr.Martin Luther KIng, Harvey Milk, Ned Weeks are all the same in their own way because the three men had a reason to fight and had believe in them. They never gave up on what they believed in no matter how many times they got set back. The three men had strong opinions and they words meant alot to people that looked up to them. Every set back they had made them want to fight harder. Yes they would have formed an Alliance because they were three young strong minded men that stood by in what they believed in. They were fighters they fought for what they believed in no matter how many people were against them . They motivated the ones around them to fight what they believe in too. The three men were leaders they lead people to victory. Another reason I also think they would have formed an alliance is because they ad people behind them that looked up the men. (4/5)
    3. When Harvey Milk stated , “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” I agreed with him for many reasons because it shows people to never give up for what you stand for. Every rainy day is sun light after so even though times is hard it’s going to get better by the day. People should always fight for what they believe in because you’re living in this world also everybody should be comfortable living. As long as you stand up for what you believe in than the odds will always be in your favor. Fighters always win through all the trials and contributions. If people notice that they can succeed at something their fighting for, then they become very encouraged and that’s what Milk wanted. (4/5)

    12/15 🙂


  10. 1.Harvey Milk was on a different path for the gay community by entering the local politics. From Milk being a leader he gained many supporters to be on his side to get the rights of the movement he was facing. He wanted to bring hope to his community to be a strong believer in nonviolence he will not give up. Milk led a dual life like most gay men: hiding his sexual identity during the day, then going home to his domestic partner. But eventually he open up to world and didn’t hide his identity no longer in the public. He wanted the community to understand that nobody should be discriminated and get treated equally. Larry Kramer was writer and an Aids activist. He witnessed the spread of the disease later known as (AIDS) among his friends in 1980. Kramer was with the gay community, which made him value the uninhibited sex over the health and lives.He influenced a direct action with a protest organization who will gain more public action to help fights Aids Crisis in the community. He was seen as a huge and accountable leader. (4/5)

    2.The personality that all three men had was a leader. They had all stood up what will be best for themselves and the rest of the community. They was the voice there their people and with them being very powerful many great things had happened afterwards of their accomplishments. All three men methods was sorta like the support of civil rights was marching,speaking,publicly, and standing up for what they had believed. The three men were very patient about everything although they went through a hard stage they still fought for the problems and having many self awareness around the whole situations. By these honorable man doing these things gathered people attention and awareness about the issues in America. They all promoted non violence protest because they knew that the only way to actually get something established and changed it have to be the right and correct way. If MLK was still alive then the time of Milk they would had formed an alliance because together they can work to expand of the civil rights. Although MLK was a Christian believer he still believe in having a community with equality and being accepted for who they redeemed themselves to be in life. (5/5)

    3. In the quote “This is not my victory — it’s your. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight”. I agree with Milk’s statement because this sounds hundred percent true. Society looks at people negative and positive because of their identity, skin color, shape , and etc. Milk made a great point when he stated this statement because it shows the growth and the forms that the society is slightly making a difference in several ways. Basically by this slogan “don’t judge its book by its cover” which is stating a similarity to his statement. Everyday people go through different things with their daily life, people worry about what the outsiders will say instead of believing what they can actually do to turn the world around. It something gets knock down you get right back up and shake it off and start all over again until a change happens. Key note to always remember is “never give up” and that’s what Milk did not do he had stand high and kept striving. (4.5/5)

    Nice job. 🙂 (13.5/15)


  11. When Milk says that , “If gay men can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight”, he is speaking truth. Before people knew about Harvey Milk, gaining power has been determined by race, gender, and social class. America has had its power in the hands of wealthy, white men. Though after hearing that Milk was the first openly gay white male to win office, doors have been open to minorities. Milk was a political figure who wanted all gay men to realize their oppression and to not be afraid of admitting they are gay. Martin Luther King lead the march to Selma as a symbol to gain equality. At the time, people of color could not vote but constant protests outside the courthouse and youth uprising inspired by leaders like King soon became to its use. People of color were then given the right to vote. Before being shot and killed by Dan White, Milk recorded himself. In this recorder, Milk predicted his own death, but asked one thing from supporters. Milk asked that a few hundred people march to symbol what he has done for gay men and to recognize how far they have come. Though after learning about Milk’s death, not hundreds but thousands of people marched across Frisco. The amount of people that showed face proved that all minorities had opportunity. Milk was right that this was not his victory, yet is was a victory of all minorities. (4.5/5)
    The most obvious quality that Milk, King, and Kramer shared was that they all fought what they believed was just. King was a leader during the Civil Rights Movement who fought for equal rights for people of color. Kramer was one of the founders of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. He wanted people to realize and accept that there was a health crisis amongst gay men. Financial aid was also needed to continue research about the unknown disease. All three men were also ambitious about their stance. (So true.) Not for one second did any of these men have a thought about giving up because of tough times. They were all determined and with a big support system these men were able to push forward. If these three men were to live at the same time, I don’t see them working all of them as allies. One of Kramer’s main targets was the Mayor. So Milk being a political figure who was openly gay may have opened an opportunity for the two to work together. Though I don’t think King was too focused on the rights of gay men. King was determined and focused on gaining rights for black people. (4.5/5)
    Both wanting to gain rights for gay men, Milk and Kramer had different methods and approaches to their campaigns. Harvey Milk first started by forming alliances with local businesses. He worked with workers that boycotted the beer company and those who were gay and discriminated against for being gay. Soon it was a success because there were no more Coors beer being sold in San Francisco. Milk also used marching, speeches and parades as a tactic in strengthening his campaign. Larry Kramer started the Gay Men’s Health Crisis as a way to spread awareness. He became friends with a doctor who had plenty of research about the unknown disease. Dr. Emma’s patients were a lot of gay men who suffered from AIDS. Both targeted the government for financial support to further the research. Kramer even accused the mayor of being secretly gay in public. He was not afraid of exposing others. Both men had different paths of advocacy but their results were success. -V.M.(5/5)

    Nice job! 😀 14/15


  12. Although Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer were fighting and defending the rights of the LGBTQ community they focused on very specific issues within the community and used very similar tactics to advance their cause. Harvey Milk, became one of the very first openly gay men to become an elected official in a major city. When Harvey arrived to San Francisco he immediately saw the disparities and discrimination that the LGBTQ community were enduring. As a result, he put pressure on local, and state leaders to institute policies that were inclusionary as opposed to exclusionary. Unfortunately he and so many other LGBTQ activist were ignored, and as a result he ran an unsuccessful campaign to become a Supervisor in San Francisco three times and on his fourth time, he won. Throughout his tenure, he successfully helped pass legislation that granted the LGBTQ community rights. This caused a great amount of controversy. Harvey encouraged gay men to come out to their families and many were uncomfortable with this tactic. Similarly, Larry Kramer was fighting for the gay community but in a different way. Larry Kramer witnessed firsthand the death of many gay men in his community who were dying of what we now know as aids. This caused great passion from many in the community and also a lot of pain. Similarly to Harvey Milk, Larry Kramer encouraged gay men to come out to their families, their coworkers, friends, and so many others. I understand their reason behind everyone coming out but if it was effective, I do not know. The key difference between the tactics that Larry Kramer and Harvey Milk used was the fact that Harvey Milk believed in organizing in a “positive” and productive manner. This tactic was very helpful. It may not have caused immediate change but it definitely helped the cause because so many others were able to view what was happening. Each of these men were able to gain allies who were not apart of the LGBTQ community because they were successful in showing that the LGBTQ community were just as normal as anyone else and that who they sleep with at night does not make them sick. That is evident in the end of the movie, “The Normal Heart” where for the first time, Larry Kramer’s brother saw him as his brother and as a normal citizen. These two men were critical in the advancement of gay rights in the United States, and although their tactics were controversial, they were also very beneficial. (5/5)

    Martin Luther King JR., Harvey Milk, and Larry Kramer, all shared many personality traits. Each of these incredible leaders shared a deep vision for a better tomorrow, and lived on the principle that all men and women are to be treated as equals. The veracity of their lives is that they each endured the very injustices that they were fighting for. In particular, they were all very risky. Each of these individuals knew that the cause that they were fighting for would cause them to be disliked by many, and that they were risking their lives. For example, Harvey Milk was fighting for gay men and lesbian women to be treated as equals locally in San Francisco and across the United States. In the 1970’s, gay rights was a very sensitive topic that many tried to refrain from and omit from their conversations. Harvey Milk knew just that, but it did not stop him, in fact it caused him to fight even more and stronger than ever before. Harvey knew that he was risking assassination by those who were opposed to gay rights, and unfortunately, he was assassinated in his office in San Francisco while holding the office of Supervisor in the City and County of San Francisco representing the fifth district. Similarly to Harvey Milk, Larry Kramer was fighting for the gay rights movement. Specifically, he was fighting for the government to understand the severity of what is now known as Aids. There were many gay men who were acquiring this disease and the government on every level from local, state and federal were neglecting this health crisis. Larry Kramer was very diligent in his fight for more funding and attention to the health crisis that many gay men were going through. He even risked the relationship he had established with those who he was fighting for and with because of the different tactics that he used such as encouraging men who were closeted to come out. We know that historically coming out can be very dangerous for many. This could risk one to lose their job, family, the way that they are perceived in society and overall livelihood. Larry Kramer understood these negative implications but he understood the larger impact that it would have in a positive way such as more funding and more of a level playing field for those apart of the gay community. Alike, Martin Luther King, JR. fought for African Americans to be treated as equals and to be granted every right that whites received. Dr. King led a movement that gained a great amount of support but also a great amount of opposition by the majority. Dr. King gave his final speech where he expressed that he basically was not afraid of death. Many view this speech as a foreboding moment in his fight for civil rights and justice. Unfortunately after that speech was over he was too assassinated by an opposer of what he and so many others were fighting for.These three men carried great passion for their cause which I believed led to successful changes. In my opinion, these three men would not have formed an alliance. They each were focused on a particular fight and joining an alliance would have taken away the power of their individual movements. (5/5)

    I agree with the statement that Harvey Milk made because I have seen the reality of that statement. When our 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama was elected as President not just once, but twice, it gave many African Americans the confidence and hope that they too can accomplish anything despite their differences. Another great example is Hillary Clinton. In America, we have never had a woman President. This year, she became the first woman ever to be nominated by a major party for President of the United States. Upon this happening, there were many young girls and women alike who felt that they can accomplish anything in this world, even becoming President. A critical component of Harvey’s statement is when he said, “…who are willing to fight.” This is significant because being a minority is an asset to me, but it is viewed by many as a barrier, and because of that, it requires any minority group to fight even harder to accomplish anything that they want. Simply, minorities who succeed open doors for other minorities but it won’t be easy. (5/5)
    Very nice job! 15/15 😀


  13. 1. Harvey Milk took the political route from the inside. By working as a politician he was able to make powerful friends as, well as strengthen the fight for gay rights in the US. Milk had sway in a way no politician had ever really, had before. He had the LGBT community driving him to reach heights in his career that no openly gay man may have ever reached. His assassination was proof of the power he held on the board of city supervisors. There would have been no point to killing him if he didn’t hold real sway in the city. On another front we have the more traditional activist in Larry Kramer portrayed by Mark Ruffalo as Ned Weeks. Weeks had been told since he was very young that the way he feels about other boys was wrong, and that something was wrong with him for feeling that way. Weeks was witness to countless numbers of his friends dying and he couldn’t stand by and let that happen. He was driven as though it was a life or death situation which it was. His friends and his lover fell victim to a disease that the US wouldn’t acknowledge. Weeks’ fight was for acknowledgement as a human being whether or not that person is a homosexual. This is where Milk and Weeks differ, one is fighting to keep his people from dying off, the other is showing others the power they have and giving hope to those who may not have had it. (5/5)

    2. Milk, MLK,and Weeks were all great orators and their messages were heard all around the planet. These men weren’t great speakers because they used fancy language or were incredible at weaving together the right words to form that perfect quote. They were great speakers because they weren’t lone voices when they were speaking. Harvey Milk spoke not for himself but for all the men and women who felt disparaged or mistreated because of who they were. Ned Weeks was the anger and pain of the aids epidemic he brought forth all of it and bared that burden for his brothers and sisters. His message was one that to this day you can feel the raw emotion of fear for not just himself but all like him and any who face the epidemic of HIV/AIDS. MLK was killed for speaking for millions pointing out the flaws of segregation and preaching tolerance, equality and love. A martyr for a cause that is still fought for today his sacrifice was not for his own personal agenda but so millions potentially billions of people could have the opportunity at a better life. These men were all great speakers because you weren’t hearing just them when they spoke. You heard millions of voices including sometimes your own. These men I feel would definitely advocate each other’s’ message and I believe King would act as a counselor to both Weeks and Milk. The mutual understanding that together they would be far more powerful as well as the fact that their issues are sometimes crossed over into each other’s realms (Gay Minorities). Together they would face just as much hate as they would alone but as a unit they’d be able to withstand it and overcome it just as they had without each other. (5/5)

    3. What Milk was saying could not have been more true. In the eyes of many Harvey Milk may not have been human, he was less than dirt. For him to hold real power on the SF board of supervisors was proof that he was not only the equal to all those who doubted him but in many ways their moral superior. He fully understood that politics would be the end of him and he too was willing to die simply to serve as proof that not just gays but any minority can accomplish whatever they please. Men like Milk are brilliant in that they step into the jaws of hate and ignorance and battle tooth and nail at the cost of their lives all for people generations down the line. His selfless sacrifice serves as proof that a willingness to fight as hard as you can for what you believe in allows you to accomplish any goal you fight for. (5/5)

    Very nice job! 15/15 😀


  14. Harvey Milk won a seat on the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978. He was the first openly gay politician to be elected to public office in California. In the Radio Story, “Gotta Give ‘Em Hope’: The Legacy of Harvey Milk, Supervisor Milk says he was “not a candidate”, but “part of a gay movement”. He explained that he was not about personal gain, power, or ego. He said it was all about hope. Larry Kramer chose to educate and appeal to the public through his talent as a playwright and scriptwriter. In The Normal Heart, he pushed AIDS to the forefront of gay activism by basing the character Ned Weeks on his life. It took decades for him to find someone to produce the movie. He felt that “doctors, the government, and even gay men weren’t doing enough” to find a cure for AIDS. (4/5)
    Harvey Milk, Martin Luther King Jr, and the character Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) use their first amendment rights of free speech to become equal. They were all brave and willing to put themselves in danger to get equal rights for their communities. They all protested in a non-violent way to bring attention to their problems. I don’t think these men would have formed an alliance if they lived at the same time. Even though MLK fought for civil rights, the religious part of the Black community might have been against gay rights. (That is a good observation and one I think might be true.) Also, ACT up put the government on the spot with Larry Kramer as a leader. I don’t think Milk and MLK would go against the government. (Again, good observation.) (5/5)
    I agree that Harvey Milk was right because he is one person who stood up for a whole community. He didn’t do it for his own self. When he won so did all gay people. As one person he stood for a lot of people who were “in the closet”. He took the risk and put his life on the line. People have to stand up even when they are scared. If they don’t, things will only get worse. (5/5)

    Very nice job! 14/15 😀


  15. Harvey Milk like Larry Kramer started in New York where gay men had a safe haven to be open. But their ideologies were very different. In Harvey Milk’s film, he was fighting for gay rights and made a political push for gays and lesbians to come out and stand up to fight prejudice as Milk said in his audio tape. Larry Kramer centered his film about the outbreak of HIV/AIDs and the deliberate rejection in support (nice phrase) from the government because of the thought of supporting gays. Similarly, they created organizations. Larry Kramer Co-founded ACT UP and GMHC that were key advocates for the AIDS and gay community and even today. Milk had a campaign but is more than a campaign. He created a coalition that even firefighters and other big unions that got national recognition. Harvey Milk was more politically driven to advocate gay rights while Larry Kramer’s film which occurred after Milk’s achievements was more socially advocated towards the start of the AIDS Epidemic where the gay community was left for extinction. All of these characters had the courage to stand up and fight. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in the film Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot, suffered many unjust attacks like voter suppression, sitting on the back of the bus, fear of unemployment. Harvey Milk faced bias judgement from society. He was threatened and everybody told him he couldn’t be a supervisor for the city let alone a leader for the Castro neighborhood. Ned Weeks likewise faced the same hardships as Harvey because of their sexual orientation. He had gotten rejected support from the city for support of a national epidemic as well as rejection from his own brother. All of them faced prejudice due to a radical mindset that has been an ongoing cycle of oppression still present to this day. If they were present in the same time period, they would have acknowledged each other for sure. Although there is no concrete documentation that implies Martin Luther King Jr.’s support of gay rights said in the essay written by John Blake, King advocated equal rights for all people and no exclusion. In the film Selma: The Bridge to the Ballot, the famous march in Selma gathered many people from all backgrounds. This showed that King’s legacy supported all people and they supported him. Both Milk and Kramer knew what they faced being an openly gay men, so support from one another would have likely happened. Harvey Milk’s quote was a very strong statement that resonates through all three films. Harvey, Martin Luther King Jr., and Larry Kramer’s victories did not happen by themselves. All of them credited a movement that involved minorities to act for recognition. Harvey is saying that if gays can come together can do it than all different minorities have the same opportunity only if they are willing to. This is definitely true. Everybody has the chance to make a change when they come together.

    Ton, you did a lovely job of integrating all three questions into this essay. 15/15 😀


  16. #1 writing prompt
    Ned weeks wanted plenty of things from society. He wanted to stop gays from having sex because of a virus that was spreading without a common title. He also wanted the government to give them money to take care of all the people sick in the hospital. He yelled at people to get his voice heard, especially when society wasn’t listening or doing anything about it. Harvey had a different whole way of getting is point across. He set protest for many things such as police brutality towards gays, gays losing their jobs, and to have society view gays as equals. Although they both wanted different but similar things, they both took different paths to get their points across. 3.5/5

    #2 writing prompts
    Martin Luther King, Harvey Milk, and Ned Weeks all shared similarities of strength, faith, courage, and determination. They all spoke truth that was never to be said because of what society may view. Through all the obstacles they faced, they had hope, courage and never gave up. They kept fighting until their message was heard. They were willing to die for the cause of their beliefs, they all felt that what they had to say ,needed to be acted upon and dealt with. Therefore from everything stated above, I do believe that Martin Luther King, Harvey milk, and Ned weeks would have joined together with the force and mindset of achieving their goal, which was to make discrimination between blacks , whites and gays stop. For there to be equality amongst anything possible in the world. I don’t think they would have failed getting their points across. I also believe that these three people were sent at different times to keep the faith, so that the human bodies hope doesn’t die. (That’s a lovely thought.) 4/5

    #3 writing prompt
    Yes, I agree with Harvey Milk and his statement. There is no such thing as I can’t, and there is no such thing as someone being better than someone. From all of the unfairness that was happening around Harvey’s time, it is a miracle that he was elected his fourth time. He was one of the living proof that anyone can do anything they want with faith by their side. By Harvey being elected, it showed gays that they can come out of their comfort zone and show their true beings, it also let others being discriminated, believe that miracles can happen, with the mindset of them never giving up. Nothing is handed to you, you have to fight for what you want. Everyone had their own plan and future for their American dream. It just so happens that Harvey’s American Dream was everyone to treat everyone the same regardless of who you’re sleeping with. (So true!) 4/5

    11.5/15 🙂

    by; Armani Young


  17. Harvey Milk wanted to change San Francisco’s and California’s state laws during the late 1970s. That was legally and socially discriminating homosexuals in California. He got involved into local politics in and ran for public office in San Francisco. Larry Kramer wanted to create awareness of the AIDS epidemic that affected homosexuals in New York City. And help from the U.S government to finding out how to end it during the early 1980s. He wrote news articles about the epidemic that was affecting homosexuals and attended televised news interviews to spread awareness to the American people. 4/5

    All three of them wanted to fix the wrongdoings in the American society of discrimination and violating the rights of people of color, race, sexuality, and so on. They wanted to help unite their people into fighting for equality and equal rights for all minority groups in our country. I believed they will because all three of them want equal rights for all people. Even if they don’t have equal views on different groups of people or methods of how to fight for rights. Milk and Kramer both are homosexuals so they can easily work together even if they have different set of goals in mind cause it still leads up into equality and equal rights for homosexuals. MLK wouldn’t be very focused on rights for homosexuals, but he knew it was right for them to have those rights. 4/5

    I fully agree with his statement. He did something that was once considered impossible to do in this country as a homosexual, running for office and being apart of politics. If you don’t push yourself to the limits to make things right, nothing will change. Change doesn’t happen by doing nothing and imagining it, it happens by uniting to do what’s right for everyone walking and breathing in this world we live in. All we need is the strength in voices and unity of people to do the impossible of changing the system our society runs on since the beginning of mankind. 4/5

    Nice job. 12/15 🙂

    -Alex L.


  18. 1.) Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer were both big causes into the gay rights communities. Both being homosexual males, they took action into the gay rights movement in their own different ways. Harvey Milk took action to the cause by letting the city of San Francisco know that same sex love was aware in this city and deserved the same respect that different gender love received. This action later on spreaded around the country, bringing many males and females of the gay rights movement alive to protest for their equal rights. Milk used the methods of the non violent protests by bringing the activist together to protest about same sex love. Kramer on the other hand took a different approach to the gay rights. Although he did believe in same sex love, his real concern was the fact that many of the gay males were dieing from this unknown disease at the time; which now is known as HIV/AIDS. He didn’t understand why all of these men were becoming sick, but was not getting treatment for this disease. His methods were more so force taking because of his attitude towards this situation, taking action into finding what was going on and if there was a cure for this outbreak. Although he didn’t come up with much because of his forceful attitude while trying to fight for this disease. 3.5/5
    2.) Martin Luther King Jr., Ned Weeks and Harvey Milk shared the qualities of trying to help their people, also protesting and fighting for their rights as equal people. If these three men had lived at the same time then I believe that they would have formed an alliance to help out African Americans and Gay Rights movements. Preferably by doing non violent protests to the cities hall or bringing many from over the nation to fight for their rights as equals. (3.5/5)
    3.) On his fourth election night, Milk reminded his supporters that, “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight,”. I agree with this statement because it is a prime example that if you put your mind to it, you can do it. If one believes in something or feels that their being treated unfairly because of the color of their skin, religion or because of the one that they love; then fight for your rights as a person. Never feel that you’re too weak or that your voice will not be heard, because someone is always listening.You may also catch the attention of the right person. Believe in yourself and your equality. 4/5

    11/15 🙂


  19. 1. Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer were on different paths of advocacy for the gay rights community. Before fighting for the gay rights, Milk led a boring life by hiding his sexuality in the day and then going to his partner at night . Once Milk was swept up in the counterculture of the 1960s and the gay rights liberation movement in 1972, he was surprised that despite the large gay population in San Francisco, immense inequalities still existed. Milk as a small business owner he boycotted against other businesses for other gay men who were being discriminated . Larry Kramer believed in same sex love , he believed all men should be able to be openly gay , he cared about his fellow people getting killed by a disease no one knew nothing about and couldn’t help . He believed the only way to stop this disease was to have all men stop having sex with one another because he knew that was the cause of the disease, but no one would stop because they were wondering why they would listen to Ned Weeks . Harvey Milk took his protest more silently he’ll have small circles with the community and people would listen . Larry Kramer would go on live television and would tell all the business with the mayor saying he was gay and wouldn’t come out and admit it. 5/5

    2. Martin Luther King , Harvey Milk , Larry Kramer all shared that they all wanted to bring people together and to help everyone out . The shared non-violence , equality and equal rights to where everyone is equal enough to have a job and etc. To me I think they would’ve made an alliance because they all wanted the same thing like everyone else did. 3/5

    When Harvey Milk said If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” I agree with this because that means everyone can be who they want no one stopped them from being who they want to do and everyone doubted them but they still ended up doing it . That means everyone can be who they want to be. 3/5

    Briana, it looks like you ran out of time. Your answer to the second two questions weren’t as well fleshed out as the first. :/ 11/15


  20. Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer were two different people who both fought for gay rights recognition. They both fought due to two different causes and used different methods to achieve their goal.Larry Kramer was a activist who fought for gay rights recognition in the medical world. Everyone he knew that was gay started to die off because of HIVs/AIDs. Because it was only in the gay community, the government and president did nothing of it. They believe that it was only involved in the gay community and not in the rest of the heterosexual community. Because of what was happening, Larry took it into his own hands. He started to get involved in a gay organization and bringing it out to the world starting with the social media about the topic. He used anger to bring out what he wanted everyone to know. Although he wanted to do what he thought was best for everyone, everyone took it in the wrong way and as an insult. In Harvey Milk’s story, Milk started started out in a community where homosexuals were looked down at. He slowly climbed up to the politics role because he believed that by being the first openly gay supervisor in San Francisco Board of Supervisors, it was a huge step in the gay community. He wanted to bring down how the gay community was represented during that time. In order to get that position, he had help from a few of the ga community and went up against his rival. Later on, he teamed up with his rival but then portrayed him to get what he wanted. He used hope as a way to get to his position. 5/5

    Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, and Ned weeks (Larry Kramer) all shared quantities of leadership, stubbornness, and optimism.
    They all played a role of being a leader in their community and stood up for a change in their community. I believe that if they were born in the same time zone, they wouldn’t have formed an alliance. Although they all fought for similar rights and recognition , they all displayed qualities of independence as long as leadership. Being a leader, displays the role of being able to stand on your own even when there are people there to help you. Although each one of them had belonged in a organization or a group, they wouldn’t all work together due to their different in personalities and point of views as well as leadership. For instance, in the movie “ The Normal Heart”, Larry didn’t always get along with his workmates because of their difference in point of views. He believed that in order to stop the spread of disease, they should all stop having their sexual intercourse. This brought up mixed emotions because the community just had the right to begin that in public. The people saw his anger as something insane and believed that what he was doing was wrong. He displayed his anger emotions in a non respected way. This forced him to be forced out of his organization. In other words, if the four activists work born in the same time zone, the alliance wouldn’t last or it wouldn’t have taken place. (Good analysis. 5/5)

    I agree with Milk’s statement “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” This shows how a small community with a small ray of hope eventually got their recognition through fighting back. People of every generation are afraid to admit into their fear and therefore have ran away from it. However, there are those who did not want to admit to it and fought back. Those who fought back got to work together towards one main goal and sociality concepts has changed. For instance, in the movie about Mlik, the people around him had fought together with him to e able to change their future and the gay community’s future. Yes, they were scared but they didn’t want to be pushed down anymore. They believed the change is now. By fighting back and achieving this goal, Milk’s quote shows how any possible change can happen for the good of the community. Only those who can and will fight back will achieve their goal. 4/5

    Nice job! 14/15 😀


  21. In the past, there was a lot of stereotypes about gay people. Most people thought that if people are gay then they are sick. Therefore, many people hid their sexuality and followed society’s expectation which was to “get married then live happily ever after with your family.” But people started to get very tired and started to step up. People like Harvey Milk, a man who has been openly gay since high school got involved politically and started to fight for gay people’s rights. At that time, he was the first gay man to be a supervisor of San Francisco. He represented the San Francisco gay community. He was fighting for gay people to have equal rights, trying to prove that gay people are not sick. He encouraged people to get out of the closet and fight for their rights, he gave young people hope that it was okay to be gay. Harvey Milk used newspaper, and phones trying to spread awareness and to convince people to join him in the marching. Followed in the 1980s, Gay men started to die from a very highly spread disease, AIDS. During this time, most Gay men started losing their lives due to lack of support from the government. Larry Kramer who was a writer and AIDS activist found Gay Men’s Health Crisis which fought to end the AIDS epidemic. Larry Kramer was very passionate about what he was doing, that he asked the people who have the power to help gay community, he also spoke on TV on how AIDS are impacting Gay community, and that they need help. This way Larry Kramer and Harvey Milk were successful in spreading awareness on how Gay communities equality is being denied. (5/5)

    In previous years, there has been a lot of movements fighting for different rights. Martin Luther King, Jr., Harvey Milk, and the character Ned Weeks (Larry Kramer) share similar personalities because they were all activists fighting for people’s equality. They were all such passionate leaders who put their lives at risk to fight for what they believe to change people’s lives. By giving motivation speech and hope to the people who followed him. If these three men had lived at the same time, they would definitely form an alliance. One thing they share is “Hope”, and these men knew exactly how it felt to be violated, and have your rights taken away from you. So in this case, they would form an alliance, and work together in order to help each other. (4/5)

    Harvey Milk was such an inspirational activist that represented the Gay community in San Francisco. He spoke about a lot of things when he wrote the play, “The Normal Heart” (Whoa! You have confused Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer), such as how Gay people were deeply dehumanized and accepted as sick people. On the night of his fourth election night, he reminded his supporters what his win meant. I understand that Milk is not fighting just to become famous, but instead he reminded them that it’s the people who supported and helped him be successful. I agree with his statement because Milk didn’t only win for himself, he won for the whole Gay community and all people that have to deal with discrimination. HIs triumph of winning the election gives optimism and opens a lot of chances for other people to win too; if they keep supporting each other. It motivates them to continue building the movement and keep fighting for their rights. 3/5

    12/15 🙂


  22. Harvey Milk was a gay activist who lost his first three campaigns. Milk was elected the supervisor of the city of San Francisco in 1977, he was the first openly gay man that was elected to public office in the united states and he went a long way to fight for gay rights. The causes and methods that milk had thought of was that he knew that the only way to truly achieve equality would to have a gay person to be elected for public office and so he did. After Milk won the election he first wanted to to promote gay rights and equality and to change stereotypes that was existed simply for the gays. Larry Kramer is a writer, an Aids activist, and a founder of the Gay Men’s Health Crisis. Larry Kramer witnessed the spread of the disease known as aids among his friends in 1980. He expressed his frustration by writing his frustration by writing a play titled The Normal Heart Ned prefers loud public confrontations to the calmer and to be more private, his strategies was favored by his associates, friends, and his lover Felix Turner. Their differences of his opinion lead to a frequent argument that threatened to undermine their mutual goal.Ned weeks also struggled to pull together an organization that focused on raising an awareness about the fact that the unidentified disease is killing off an oddly specific group known as the gay men in the city of New York. (4/5)
    The personality that MLK, Milk, and Larry Kramer share is that they all fought for what they wanted and to believe in. Some methods that King and Milk both support the civil rights march. They spoke out to the public and stood up for what they believed in, the believed that they can make a change. These two hard working man did things that made people want to come together and really grabbed their attention. They wanted all to be aware of the issues that needs to be solved in America. I personally wouldn’t think that these two would come together as one because of their differences of morals and beliefs. Martin Luther King and Harvey milk used methods of a civil disobedience and protest rallies for people to hear them out. They were able to bring up the social issues for everyone to see how the world is. (4/5)
    Harvey states, “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” I completely agree with this quote because i feel like everyone should fight for what they want and to believe in. People always had it in them to step up and to use their voices and to fight for what’s right. To do this we would all need support and a little effort to keep on grinding. If you are willing to fight and to never give up, i believe that you can achieve anything you want. You should stay committed and go out for your dreams. (4/5)

    12/15 🙂


  23. Harvey Milk and playwright Larry Kramer both want equality and justice for gay people but they were on very different path of advocacy for the gay community. The movie Milk is based on Harvey Milk life. Harvey was part of the gay right movement, at that time people could get fired or arrested for being gay. They hide their personality and identity because they were afraid of losing their job. He want to see gay people have a legal right and have a confident in who they are, he want all judges, Doctors, Lawyers, and architects to come out, stand up and let the world know what they can do. Harvey want to urge and give hope for gay people so they can come out and be themselves; he wanted to see gay people express themselves. He kept pushing the movement, it took him multiples time to be elected but he kept running because he was so determined to the gay right movement. He finally got elected on his fourth try as supervisor of SF city. Thing were not easy, he lost his lover Scott because he wanted him to stop running for office, he thought it was impossible. But he could not let people deter him from fighting; a lot of young kids committed suicide including his boyfriend Jack because they can not take the pressure and discrimination from the society so Harvey continued fighting for them and wanted the movement to continue. The movement helped gay people to lift up one each other. Harvey was the first gay man to be elected in public offices in 1978; this gave gay people hope that someone who is gay is in power and have some an authority to solve some of their problems and made them feel that if they keep fighting they can get what they need. Harvey was gun down by Dan White in 1978.
    Larry Kramer is a writer and activist, the movie Normal Heart is based on his life experience. The movie shows the doctors and government not fighting harder for the mysterious disease known as AIDS. In 1980’s the AIDS was epidemic, a lot of gay men died from it and no one fought for them offered to help. Larry helped found act-up in gay men health crisis in New York to help gay men who are diagnosed with AIDS. People who have power and money refused to help gay men’s even though there were large number of mortality rate. Emma Brookner was one of the doctor who kept trying to find out the reason why gay men were dying from mysterious disease. She tried to make the government give her fund for her research but the rejected her request. Larry fought so hard because many of his friend were dying; one time he went to the the white house to talk to some guy from the presidential aid. The sad part is that the person wanted to talk to Larry just to know if he can get sick too from AIDS; Larry was mad, frustrated, and raged because it look like no one care if they are not getting affected by the disease. Larry lost his boyfriend by AIDS, he stayed with him and take care of him even though people were resentful of people who are sick. Larry tried his best to contact with the government, white house and the mayor but none of these people helped them. He love being gay but because huge number of gays died without help, he feel discouraged on what they have not achieved. (5/5)
    MLK, Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer are all activists. MLK fought for black people right, he was a leader for the civil right movement. He wanted to get justice and equality for color people. Harvey Milk is an activist who fought for gay right and helped gay peoples to come out and be express themselves. Larry Kramer is also an activist who fought for gay people who were dying from mysterious people. This three people are fighting for people to get their legal rights and to be comfortable by their skin; they fight for what they think is right and they are very determined to finish what they started and succeed. They push for ward despite all the hate and discrimination they face, they keep going. It for sure that Larry and Harvey would form an alliance because they share the same sexual identification and they both want a better place and society for gay people. Both of their goals was to stop discrimination and unfairness toward gay people. MLK was neutral, he did not talk bad thing about gay people; there is no private or public record of king condemning gay people. Even though MLK is christian minister, he believed that god loves everybody and all men and all women were created by god. That means MLK do not have any hatred toward gay people because god loves everybody. MLK worked with openly gay men named Rustin; who organized the 1963 march on Washington. He was assistance of MLK, he was details, thinker and visionary guy. MLK needed him for the for that march. MLK was too focused and determined on the civil right movement, he did not have the time to address other problem. “There was a time when black people were afraid to be themselves among white people,” he says. “You had to fit a stereotype in order to be accepted.” MLK played a big role on helping black people get their rights and if he was still alive he would help gay people to get their rights and feel comfortable with identity. If MLK was alive to day he would probably be an alliance with Larry and Harvey because he believed that everybody should get their rights and be equal. MLK worked with openly gay person back in days so there would be nothing stopping him from working with gay person again. (5/5)
    I agree with the statement Harvey statement, it is gay people victory that fought so hard to get to that level. They helped him by coming together to march and showing unity as one powerful society. They were by his side from the beginning till the end, they were supporting him in all these times he running. They did not lose hope and ditched him when he lost multiple times, they encouraged him to run again and again till he make it. So it sound like it is a success for Harvey because he finally made it and it is a big victory for gay people because they stack up with him and all fighting finally paid back. 4/5

    14/15 😀


  24. 1.Although Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer both were passionate about change in the gay community, they were on two completely different paths. Milk was mainly discussing gay rights and rarely if never brought up diseases. Whereas Kramer was focused on what is now known as aids. Both men seeked help from the government, whether it was public speaking or trying to tell all gay men to stop having sex. (3/5)

    2.I think if Martin Luther King, Larry Kramer, and Harvey Milk all lived during the same time period, they would have formed an alliance. All three men were basically considered minorities MLK for being Black and Milk and Kramer for being gay. They all believed in equality and fought to get what the people that were being targeted deserve. (3/5)

    3.I disagree with this statement. Although gay individuals were put into the minorities group, Harvey Milk was still white. Some people may say it has nothing to do with his race, but he still had some power due to him being white. African Americans will always be looked down upon, even if they are standing up for something that is important. People that identify themselves as African American have been fighting for their freedom for so many years and although slavery has ended, we are still enslaved and I don’t feel like this statement supports them. People of color will always have a hard time getting victory no matter how hard we fight. (5/5)

    11/15 🙂


  25. 1. Harvey Milk fought more for gay rights and equity. He wanted people to be able to openly love whoever they may want without persecution. He addressed issues of discrimination towards gays in the workplace including in education. He wanted to break down the myths and stereotypes about homosexuals. Harvey thought that the best way to achieve equity and progress was through politics, so he ran for San Francisco supervisor. He campaigned, gave speeches, and publicly debated for the rights of gay people. Larry Kramer is most known for spreading awareness on HIV/AIDS. At the time, no one knew what it was or how you got it, but it quickly became apparent that it was killing a large number of gay men. In the movie, The Normal Heart, it shows the character of Ned Weeks, that was based on Larry Kramer, desperately fighting to find a cure or treatment for HIV/AIDS. His method included televised interviews and publishing articles. He along with a group of other concerned friends started Gay Men’s Health Crisis to spread awareness and provide support. Ned aka Larry Kramer was frustrated with the lack of government help that they were receiving. Because so many people were dying and the government ignored the problem for so long, he was often mad, yelling, and even accused the government of conspiring to kill gays. Both Larry and Harvey fought publicly for homosexuals, but in different ways. (5/5)

    2. They were all incredibly brave and persistent. The three men were all leaders who often spoke publicly and made headlines. Even though they were minorities fighting for equality, they had various ways of dealing with things. Martin Luther King Jr was a pacifist and a Christian minister. Harvey was a politician, and based on The Normal Heart, Larry Kramer was angry at government officials. Despite these differences, they all fought for the advancement of minorities, equality, and their constitutional rights. If they all lived at the same time, they would possibly form an alliance. In the movie Milk, Harvey said that he wanted rights not only for gays, but for all minorities. He called them the “us’s.” Martin Luther King Jr never spoke publicly on gay rights, but he never opposed them either. An essay by John Blake shows that Coretta Scott King was a vocal supporter of gay rights. It also states, “King’s widow once said in a public speech that everyone who believed in her husband’s dream should ‘make room at the table of brother and sisterhood for lesbian and gay people.’” Ned Weeks who was based on Larry Kramer never touched on the rights of other minorities, but he was also never against them. These men wanted similar things, and had the same enemies. They would have binded together to change the disparities and prejudice in society. (5/5)

    3. I agree with his statement. Each victory made by a minority group gives hope and courage to others. Harvey’s victory paved the way for the many gay officials to come after him. In addition, everything that he was able to achieve was for the public not just himself. The success of previous minorities shows that if you work hard enough, you will see results. People have gathered together to fight injustice and inequity since the beginning of time. From the Civil Rights Movement to the Red Power Movement. Each group creating a little more momentum for the other to jump on. There are still fights waiting to be fought, and many that are being actively fought today. (5/5)


  26. While both Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer both wanted equality for the gay community, they both had different ways of advocating for them. Harvey Milk believed that all gays should come out and stop hiding behind how society feels about them. He spoke out to the gay community trying to convince them to not be apologetic for being gay. Whereas Larry Kramer focused on AIDS. Larry Kramer wanted to spread the word about a disease that was killing gay men in the gay community. As a politician in San Francisco he thought that jeopardizing his job and fighting against city hall could influence gay to come out more. He cared more for the people. Kramer focused merely on the disease. So he tried his hardest to be heard by the mayor to bring light to this epidemic. (4/5)
    MLK, Harvey Milk, and Larry Kramer all shared a common trait in their personality. All three of these men were bold enough to stand up and speak out against what’s wrong. Milk believed that gays shouldn’t have to be closeted, so he tried becoming an openly gay city supervisor to prove to gays that the idea of being gay isn’t bad after all. Larry Kramer saw that gay men were dying of a disease and didn’t allow the government to ignore this issue. So instead he raised awareness to the society and blamed CDC for ignoring it. MLK wanted equality among all races. So he fought for the rights of blacks gathering them together to fight for what they deserve. Kramer and Milk would probably be advocates with each other but for King, he would commend them for their work and possibly work with them to include the gay black community. (3.5/5)
    I definitely agree with Harvey Milk because he shows not only gays but everyone who wanted to give up, that as long as you try your try your hardest you will slowly but surely reach the outcome that you want. It only takes one person to successfully fulfill what they’re trying to overcome to inspired everyone else around them to do the same.(3/5)



  27. Harvey Milk was the first openly gay men to be elected to be public office. Harvey Milk was running for a political spot which was to be the supervisor so he can make a law about gay rights then Larry created a movie about the struggles and how gay man were accept causes of the diseases. Larry Kramer is a writer who lets his anger out in his writing. He started to get involved in a gay organization and bringing it out to the world starting with the social media about the topic. He gets angry when people don’t listen to him in person, he lets out his anger in writing. (3.5/5)

    They all played a role of being a leader in their community and stood up for a change in their community. I think if they all three live in the same time they would have form an alliance to work together. They all want something to be changed. If they all three work together they can fight the problem and solve it. They all have access to others that can also be apart of the team to change the world. All three man have a strength and weakness in this case. They have enough power and voice to let others know because each person is famous in some way. Martin Luther King Jr is a famous leader in the civil rights movements. Harvey Milk is a gay public political in an office, Ned Weeks is a writer who lets out his anger about the gay movements. Each member can get certain group of people to participate in the movement if they all work together. (3/5 )

    I agree with Milk’s statement “This is not my victory — it’s yours. If a gay man can win, it proves that there is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight.” Everyone is equal, they can do whatever they want to do. If the gay man win something then anything can happen if you have the right plan and leaders. This shows how a small community with a small ray of hope eventually got their recognition through fighting back. (3.5/5)

    10/15 :/ Late.


  28. For Harvey Milk his directed focus was for all homesexual men to be open and confident by who they were he wanted them not to seek the negativity of being homesexual as a crime because soceity has their own opinion upon these men’s actions. Milk was in a previous relationship with a man that had committed suicide because he was in fear of his family or society having the knowledge of him being a homosexual. By the death of Milk’s fellow lover he tried to create a change in the society to inform citizens about homesexuals not being a small precentage, Milk wants every homesexual to come out and not feel like an outsider that society makes them to seem as. Larry Kramer was an activist that seeked for guidance and concern of the disease that was being performed in men. Kramer was in a relationship with a man that was apart of this disease nobody wouldn’t help this situation they just allow them to die. Even though it was a disease with no cure nobody seek to help these men to get back to reality. Kramer did all he could to get the help he needed but, there wasn’t anyone to guide him. These two men had a plan and a main focus to get the guidance to help all men. (3/5)

    Martin Luther King was a man that had high expectations for equality towards all citizens. For society to not see each other as different human beings but as a community. Kings only focus wasn’t just dedicated for race, poverty, and war but also the right amused all gay rights. As of Harvey Milk he strived to help homosexual men to feel comfortable and stable with who they are inside. He went full force for societies to be accepting for homosexual men in the community. Milk felt men were scared of being judged of their sexuality that citizens didn’t see the inner personality. Moreover, Larry Kramer was a man that investigated into a disease called Capacity (?) Sarcoma that spread nationwide across the world. This disease was pronounced more in men than females, Kramer did all he could to help his loved one but, he didn’t have enough allies to be helpful. All these three men made a difference and a convert zone for all homosexual individuals as they walk the earth. Their spoken words and dedication helped citizens to be comfortable and open with their feelings towards others. (3/5)

    Milks statement he spoke on his fourth election is a very agreeable, Milk is stating the progress he did is only the beginning of the fight. He approached these citizens with the knowledge of not giving up on what they believe in to keep fighting until you have won. Milk seeks hope in all people, not just for the homosexuals but all citizens in the need of a change in their community or in the United states. Milk strives for citizens to feel comfortable in their own skin and who they are inside also, for other citizens to be accepting and not judgemental towards others decisions. I agree with Milks statement because now in the United States there’s many issues going around that needs to be changed but it only takes that one person to take dictatorship and speak out about these problems. (3/5)

    9/15 :/ Very late.


  29. Harvey Milk and Larry Kramer were on different spectrums when advocating for the gay community because they attacked it from different angles. They both wanted to give a voice for gay rights but they still had different reasons why. Harvey Milk was very charming and interactive with his community. He opened a camera store on the Castro in San Francisco and gave many public speeches with just a megaphone. Opening with his line “I’m Harvey Milk and I want to recruit you.”, he then gain the trust of his peers which then built his reputation to always be the go-to man when something is going wrong. Milk eventually decided to run for office as a supervisor for the city of San Francisco, and wanted to represent his district of the Castro where a lot of gay people live. Milk lost two elections in a row before finally becoming into office his third try. And by being elected into office it will enable him to speak out on gay rights and how they are treated. He spoke up on ensuring that people still kept their jobs and housing despite sexuality. On the other hand, Larry Kramer advocated for an unknown epidemic that was only appearing in homosexual men and people didn’t want to acknowledge this issue at all and for a very long time. Kramer was one of the founders of Act Up and the Gay Men’s Health Crisis which is two on going organizations for the awareness of HIV/AIDS. In his play/ movie The Normal Heart, the character Ned Weeks who supposedly plays as Kramer in the height of frustration at doctors and the government for pushing this issue aside. Ned Weeks in the movie was very rambunctious and abrupt when calling out what is happening when talking with talk shows and to other officials. And if the actual Larry Kramer was anything like the Ned Weeks, he was a savage when speaking out this issue. (5/5)

    2. Martin Luther King Jr., Harvey milk and Ned Weeks as Larry Kramer had similar character traits of perseverance, resilience, and determination. These are important traits when it comes to being a leader or fighting for something that you are passionate about. Society has standards and limitations against people who isn’t a male, heterosexual, and white. Therefore it was very hard for many groups of people to advance anywhere in this country. There has always been the ideal American dream, but that wasn’t achieved by everybody who didn’t fit into the social norms. What these three individuals did was open doors and made opportunities for future generations. When they were able to protest and riot that was their chance to to speak up and act out, they gave a voice to those who have been shushed for decades. As Larry Kramer said in The Normal Heart interview, “The thing about speaking up is being a bull if you have to, being mean if you have to.”
    If King, Milk, and Kramer were in the same era, I do believe they would have formed an alliance to make a difference in social change. They all had so much power and influence in the community they presented. If they all combined forces it would have created a major change in social politics. But referring to the article of King never speaking out on gay issue during the Civil Rights can be very controversial, also because considering how King is a religious man, he can be conservative when it comes to certain topics. But as one of King’s famous quotes, “Injustice anywhere, Is a threat to justice everywhere.” I believe he would put the differences aside to help the gay community. (5/5)

    3. Yes, I do believe that Harvey Milk’s statement that “There is hope for all minorities who are willing to fight” because there will be one person who will be against what you are pushing for. And just that one person can have a lot of power and voice. But then there can be an individual with the same amount of power and access who is willing to help and give you (as a leader) a chance. African-Americans have fought for decades. We fought to be recognized, to be heard then emancipated, recognized as citizens, then finally able to vote during the Civil rights Movement. (13,14,15th amendment) But even then, African Americans couldn’t really make great progress because the justices, the juries, and the politicians were all of the same race. Therefore if only one particular group have superiority, whatever they say, goes. And it takes years of constant agitation and struggle to prevail through. It takes more than the law to make change, of course policy can implement it, but it takes the people to enforce it. But it can and will work as it have been done before; In 2008 we elected our first Black president because he fought to be in office to make a statement. In 2015, all 50 states legalized same sex marriage and the cases were fought by gay attorneys, which also proved that things can be penetrated through. And many more victories from minorities that can’t be unprecedented because of how unequal they were treated. Although Larry Kramer, an activist for gay rights and HIV/AIDS awareness claims in his The Normal Heart interview, “I love our achievements and I am so discouraged by what we haven’t achieved. We have no power in Washington or anywhere else”. Kramer is saying that after the things they have achieved over the decades, it doesn’t amount to the things that they have not able to do.
    As he closes out his interview, his last line was, “We have come far but we haven’t come far.” Although he speaks of the group he represents, does this apply to other minorities facing inequality? Yes it do, and I believe he very so right that there are still blank pages of more history to write because things have not been fully repealed. (5/5)

    Terrilyn, you did a great job on these questions. It’s just that you turned it in so late. 😦



  30. Harvey milk fought for gay rights very strongly so therefore he inspired others. He inspired a new generation of civic activist across the United States, fighting for sexual equality and the expansion of civil liberties for gays and lesbians. In the other hand Larry Kramer attacked the literary and gender theorists who have played a key role in gay studies, saying that they were focused on the wrong issues. They both advanced they causes very strongly, they both have a strong opinion on gays and gay rights. (I can’t tell if you have any idea who Larry Kramer is or what he wrote or did.) 2.5/5

    They all didn’t want gays to be discriminated against. No matter what their opinion on gays or lesbians was they just didn’t want them to get treated any differently then the next man or women. Dr king, Kramer and Harvey, especially Dr king felt that every single race should be equal even if they are gay, white, fat, tall, skinny it doesn’t matter a human being is a human being. (Did you read the essay? 2.5/5)

    I agree with this statement because Harvey Milk said because he fought for all gays rights so they can live in peace without hiding the fact that they are gay. So it wasn’t necessarily his victory it was all the gays that felt they had to hide who they really are or felt less then the next woman or man. Harvey Milk gave freedom, hope and most importantly bravery to all gays and lesbians. (3/5)

    Devon, these are pretty weak responses. I can’t judge your learning from your brief, generic answers. Also, this is very late. 8/15


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