Matthew Shepard

Read Matthew Shepard’s bio here.

Read James Byrd, Jr.’s bio here.

Read about the Matthew Shepard and James Byrd, Jr., Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 here.

With your partners, answer the following question:

Why are laws specific to hate crimes needed?

Why can’t hate crimes be covered under “regular” laws?

What is the difference between federal and state hate crime laws?

Does California have a hate crimes law? What does it say?





Comparing Rights Across the Decades

Each member of your group will need a computer for this project.

Your work group has been assigned a decade/s. As a group, you will:

Choose 5 events  you feel are significant from each timeline (from your assigned decade).(That’s a total of 15 events.) Choose events that are at, or near, the same time, to contrast and compare what was going on with each of these groups during your decade.

Follow links, do quality Google research, and be prepared to explain the significance of each event.

Create a paper triple timeline for your decade/s. Please work on the paper “hamburger style,” so we will be able to assemble your decades into a complete timeline.

We will do group presentations of the timeline, so everyone should be familiar with the events you choose, in detail, and be able to explain.

LGBT Rights Timeline

Civil Rights Timeline

Women’s Rights Timeline